What Travel Documents Do I Need to Fly?

Are you unsure of the travel documents needed for you to travel by plane? Air travel is a highly regulated service nowadays, and the proper travel documents are needed to get on the plane. According to the TSA, a valid driver’s license or state photo ID card is the preferred form of primary identification, but there are other forms of secondary identification that can be used. Forms of ID Accepted for Adults Though driver’s licenses and passports are the most commonly used, they aren’t the only accepted forms of ID. Passport cards, military IDs, permanent resident cards, foreign issued IDs, and residential ID cards are accepted as secondary forms of identification. Forms of ID Accepted for Minors Identification is not usually required for minors traveling by plane, but it is a good idea for them or their guardian to carry a copy of their birth certificate or a school ID….Keep Reading

Why Do I Need A Legal ID Card?

It is important to have two forms of legal ID because most processes will ask for you to provide them. In today’s world, you need to be able to prove that you are who you say you are in many situations. These situations can include getting a new job, opening a new bank account, renting a new apartment, making certain purchases, or even boarding a plane. Without a form of identification, it can be very hard to get around and get things done. What is considered a legal ID Card? Identification that is usually accepted as a first form of government issued ID includes: Driver’s License Passport Social Security Card Birth Certificate Foreign Passport A second form of legal ID can usually include one of the following: Military Identification Government Employee ID Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship State ID Card Residential ID Card *These are not exhaustive lists as each…Keep Reading

How do I Rent A New Apartment?

Are you curious about how to rent a new apartment? Do you want your own place for you and your partner or family but don’t know where to start? There are quite a few things that you need to have in place before you will be able to settle into your own home. 1) Set Budget and Expectations The first thing that you must do when you want to rent an new apartment is to set both your budget and your expectations. The budget that you set is extremely important because you need to be able to meet minimum income requirements as well as pay for your rent every month. Secondly, expectations are important as you will want to know what you are looking for. How many bedrooms? What area do you want to live in? Do you have pets that need to be allowed to live there as well?…Keep Reading

How Do I Secure A New Job?

Are you trying to get a new job? Here are the basics steps to successfully secure a new job: 1) Identify your strengths and weaknesses The first thing that you should do when you are thinking of starting a new job is to identify your strengths. While it may sound tedious, not many people have genuinely sat down and listed their strengths and weaknesses in order to realize what they would be best at. Before even going on a job search, make a list of five strengths and five weaknesses that you have. What are you good at? What are you passionate about? What have others said about you? Look for the items on your list in the next step. 2) Write your resume and cover letter After you identify your strengths and weaknesses, it is important to write a resume. This is possibly the most important step! Many recruiters…Keep Reading

How Do I Open A New Bank Account?