Are you curious about how to rent a new apartment?

Do you want your own place for you and your partner or family but don’t know where to start? There are quite a few things that you need to have in place before you will be able to settle into your own home.

1) Set Budget and Expectations

The first thing that you must do when you want to rent an new apartment is to set both your budget and your expectations. The budget that you set is extremely important because you need to be able to meet minimum income requirements as well as pay for your rent every month. Secondly, expectations are important as you will want to know what you are looking for. How many bedrooms? What area do you want to live in? Do you have pets that need to be allowed to live there as well? Do you like extra amenities such as a pool or onsite laundry? Ask yourself these questions and document all of the things that might be important to you when it comes to finding an apartment.

2) Research For Properties

The next step in searching for an apartment is to research properties. You can use sites that make it easy such as, Craigslist, etc. or you can drive around the area and see if there are any for rent signs up. Make a list of all the apartments that fit your criteria, and contact the managers that are in charge to ask for more information.

3) Compile Paperwork

The last step is to fill out applications for the new apartment that you would like to rent. These applications will need a few pieces of information that you will want to have on hand when either filling out online or in person. Firstly, you will need recommendations from prior landlords. If you cannot supply these then try other forms of letters of recommendation. Secondly, you will need paystubs that show you have the funds to pay rent every month. Most people will ask for about 2-3 months back of pay stubs. Thirdly, you will need to provide information that allows for a credit store. Lastly, most landlords will ask for two forms of legal identification along with all of this paperwork. If you are not able to provide two forms of legal identification, visit for an easy to receive residential id card.


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