legal id

It is important to have two forms of legal ID because most processes will ask for you to provide them. In today’s world, you need to be able to prove that you are who you say you are in many situations. These situations can include getting a new job, opening a new bank account, renting a new apartment, making certain purchases, or even boarding a plane. Without a form of identification, it can be very hard to get around and get things done.

What is considered a legal ID Card?

Identification that is usually accepted as a first form of government issued ID includes:

Driver’s License
Social Security Card
Birth Certificate
Foreign Passport

A second form of legal ID can usually include one of the following:

Military Identification
Government Employee ID
Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship
State ID Card
Residential ID Card

*These are not exhaustive lists as each organization will allow certain kinds of Identification Cards and will give more details on their personal preferences.

What is a State ID Card?

A State ID Card is issued by your state and is a resource as a second form of ID. This is usually used if you are not old enough or able to receive a license. You can apply for these online, where the DMV will explain the process for each separate state.

What is a Residential ID Card?

A residential ID Card is a valid form of ID that can be legally provided by those that are licensed to sell them. Sites such as provide different styles of ID that can last up to four years as a second legal form of ID. These cards can be used in many instances and at many different kinds of establishments. These can be provided to you at a great price within only 9-14 days. If you want to learn more, click here.