Pricing for Residential ID Cards USA

  • New Card / Card Change / Renewed Card: $84.75
  • Modify Card / Replacement Card: $45.20 (charge also applies for incorrect choice of card design)

Extra charges for Residential ID Cards USA

  • Error made on application: $16.95
  • Express requests / priority shipping: $28.25
All prices  for cards listed above include taxes and shipping.
After order is processed, Residential ID Cards in USA are usually processed and shipped within just 9-14 business days. However, if you would like your card to arrive sooner, you can choose to pay more for express shipping. Ready to start the application process? Make sure you have your first form of ID ready to provide to us (only one is needed). Suitable legal ID’s include any form of governmental document from applicant’s country of birth that states their personal information. These first forms of ID that you must provide can include:
  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • Green Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
Disclaimer: This agency is authorized by AmeraCard to sell Residential ID Cards USA. These cards may be presented as a second form of ID, but in many instances can be used as a primary form of ID as well. Please keep in mind that this is NOT a government document, nor is it considered a State Identification Card, therefore we cannot ensure its acceptance. It is solely up to the party requesting the Residential ID Card to accept it or not. Please note that we are currently not issuing Residential ID Cards USA for the following states:
  • Illinois
  • Washington
  • Oklahoma
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